Why Religious Studies?

Religions have been and remain among the most powerful forces shaping human history. Their discourses and practices inform the way we perceive ourselves, those around us, and existence at large, even when we are not actively religious. They are central to understanding both what divides us and unites us. The academic study of religion is a trans-disciplinary endeavor to understand from an objective perspective how religious traditions shape the lives of their adherents, without seeking to promote or disprove any specific belief system. Religious Studies acquaints students with the diversity of religious cultures and introduces them to key methods and theories employed in their examination as "religion."

The skills that Religious Studies students gain in critical thinking and cultural awareness lead them to successes in a wide array of career fields, including education, law, journalism, healthcare, chaplaincy, and social justice advocacy.

Michael Zogry, Chairperson, Religious Studies
Molly Zahn, Graduate Director, Religious Studies
Samuel Brody, Undergraduate Director, Religious Studies

Degrees Offered, Undergraduate: B.A. in Religious Studies, Minor in Religious Studies. Graduate: M.A. IN RELIGIOUS STUDIES

Religious Studies is the academic field of multi-disciplinary, secular study of Religious Beliefs, Behaviors, and Institutions.

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